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Human Eggs Reveal How Fertile They Are by Radiating Zinc Fireworks

Northwestern University researchers explored the potential of using ‘sparks' generated by egg cells on coming in touch with sperm enzyme as a way to...
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Study tells Benefits of So-Called Sprint Interval Training

One minute of intense exercise can offer as good benefits as 45 minutes of moderate exertion, according to a new study. Many people want...
1 min read

New Jersey Experiences Highest Suicide Rate in the US

Data and facts released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could be surprising for residents of New Jersey. The state has...
1 min read

People Consuming Full-Fat Dairy at Lower Risk of Obesity and Diabetes

Low-fat milk has been suggested to be the best when it comes to losing weight or maintaining good health. But as per two studies,...
1 min read

Genetically-Modified Maggots Secrete Human Growth Factor to Promote Healing

Researchers have re-introduced an 18th-century treatment in the 21st century. The team from NC State University said that maggot might help fight infections in...
1 min read

Number of TB Cases Surges in US First Time in Nearly A Quarter-Century

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the number of tuberculosis cases in the United States has surged in...
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Meat-Heavy Diet – Derive Enough Energy from Meals with Minimal Chewing

With little food processing and introduction of meat in the diet, ancient humans might have reduced the need for chewing food. With lower count...
1 min read

Global Warming Could Lead to Decline in Birth Rates

A research carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research has unveiled that global warming could have a negative effect on the birth...
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Overall Health Improves Worldwide Along with Life Expectancy: Study

A study carried out in 188 countries has unveiled that life expectancy has improved a lot. People living in poor nations are living longer....
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